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Kate Baxter

Creative Director, Founder, Producer

Kate Baxter is an award-winning creative, producer and entrepreneur, with 25+ productions under her belt and more on the way. With a career in environmental policy, clean tech at the UN and various energy organisations including Lightsource-BP, and in China as the Director of a US and Chinese Eco-Partnership, Kate founded Five Fifty Five in 2017.

Boasting 50+ content creators across 5 continents speaking 30+ languages amongst them, Kate designed Five Fifty Five as an incubator to pair untapped authenticity and imagination with unmatched expertise and know-how to ensure the voice is of the community the content is sourced from is also the storyteller.

Five Fifty Five was launched when Kate co-wrote and co-directed her first film, Whirlpool, with Elizabeth Dixon, which qualified for the 2019 Academy Award, winning ‘Best Short Film’ and other awards across 30+ festivals, including a RIFA at the BAFTA. Kate has created, sold and financed several projects since.