• untapped brilliance
  • uncommon expertise
  • untold stories
  • bridge
  • expose
  • agitate
  • push
  • create
  • shift
  • advance.
  • thrive.
  • succeed.
  • change.
  • amaze.
  • inspire.


  • Writer / Director: Joelle Dong
  • Editor: Logan Cody
  • Producer: Joelle Dong
  • Executive Producer: Kate Baxter
  • Cinematographer: Ariel Artur
  • Score: Karya Sezener
Myra’s acceptance to an elite university threatens her father’s orthodox Jewish values and leads to a shocking discovery.

Set in Stamford Hill, this coming of age Jewish family drama explores the meanings of love, integrity, and belief. Over Shabbat dinner, Myra Hirsch receives an unexpected offer at Cambridge. The announcement devolves into a power struggle between Myra and her father, Jonah. Issues of independence, daughterly devotion, and stifling paternal protection explode, threatening to shatter the snow globe of Jewish orthodoxy her father crafted to protect her. Myra searches for answers at her childhood park, but finds them at the neighbourhood strip club.