• untapped brilliance
  • uncommon expertise
  • untold stories
  • bridge
  • expose
  • agitate
  • push
  • create
  • shift
  • advance.
  • thrive.
  • succeed.
  • change.
  • amaze.
  • inspire.


  • Director: Earle Sebastian
  • Writer: John Carlin
  • Producer: Kate Baxter
  • Executive Producer: Neeraj Barghava
  • Partner: Rainshine Entertainment
A new sound for a new culture. This Anthony Bourdain inspired series explores music scenes around the world: mixing interviews, performances and sessions with artists and cultural icons that lets viewers see and hear the new sounds and scenes from emerging cultural content.

TV Series

Soundscapes is a six-ten part series, uncovering the new sound of culture through the hottest and most authentic artists from around the world. In each 30-60 minute episode, a different artist brings you into their community to discuss the greatest cultural challenges they face at home, in their art and in social issues. Each episode of Soundscapes will climax in a collaboration among most of the artists that we have met and interviewed during the show, to create an original recording. An original song per episode allows for an album release once the series ends, with a podcast taking a deeper dive into the history and culture behind each episode.