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Connor Wan

Incubator Project
  • Psyche Seeing the Screen
  • Shut Up, My Vagina is Talking


Connor Wan is a filmmaker, motion designer and podcast producer based in London, UK. After receiving a BA Hons in Film Production he moved onto video and motion design professionally. Working in marketing for numerous brands and events led him all over the world from Milan Fashion Week to the V&A in London. He gives things motion for people like Lipton, Gillette and the Post Office. Connor also picks up a mic and creates podcasts such as Rice is Rice – a podcast about the British East - South East Asian experience in Britain, and the Five Fifty Five Incubator.

Connor believes in the power of storytelling and no matter what medium it has the power to uplift some who might be less spotlighted. He says, "Working in podcasts really makes you realise that many more voices in the world exist than broadcasted in mainstream media and it is a great way for the unheard to be given a voice and their story told."