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Creating a Five Fifty Five Time Capsule

Behind the Scenes at Five Fifty Five

When making a photograph instead of searching for what a situation may look like aesthetically Simon concentrates first and foremost on the emotion of the characters. People are always in a process of communicating themselves haptically, and this comes through in a photograph with far more nuance than something which just looks pretty - the technical application of composition and other theoretical aspects will always be secondary to these gestures.

When on set Simon starts by running through a register of all of the key characters, and makes sure to wait for a moment when these players are all in motion at the height of their energy - but also in the quieter moments of downtime. After capturing them in isolation he will look for the interactions between the crew and cast - it's all in the hands, the eyes, the body language as they collaborate on their projects. The best and most productive moments will be during rehearsal, and technical checks - a lot more creative freedom to run around without having to worry about making sound or getting in the way when camera and audio are rolling for live takes.